Revenge is mine, says the Lord (Deuteronomy 32:35, Romans 12:19).  While Jesus was on earth facing the trials and tribulations, which in
turn  predicated our salvation, the devil,  through  man, beat, mocked, stressed, whipped, spit on, lied about, stoned, punched, tortured,
pounded nails in his wrist and feet, hung him on a cross and while he was already down, stabbed him in the ribs. And in between mans
sick actions, did every thing he could think of to Jesus.  According to the Word, none has received as much torment, suffering and pain
(not even Job).  The bible says no eye for eye, no tooth for tooth (Matthew 5:38) turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39), a man robs you, give
him the rest. (Matthew 5:40). Love your enemy and pray for them (Matthew 5:44).  It doesn’t even seem or sound  fair does it? Other than
the turn the other cheek part, I praise God that some of us can get past the wickedness and pray for our enemies when wronged.

Why should we not seek revenge? We wrestle not  against flesh and blood but against powers of principalities  (Ephesians 6:12). Not the
flesh!  The devil ENTERTAINS  the evil thoughts in peoples minds to wrong us and people decide themselves to act upon it or not. He
cannot make you do anything unless you have verbally sold your soul to him, and still God’s grace allows you to still have a choice in the
matter and salvation is still at hand for you by repenting and accepting Jesus. Therefore, the devil would prefer us to be disobedient and try
to fight for ourselves,  because he knows we cannot inflict  pain and torment upon him as Jesus can.  Like when Jesus came in the
presence of a demon possessed man, the demons panicked and  said trembling in fear “we know who you are holy one son of
God…what have we to do with you.  Did you come to torment us before our time?”  (Matthew 8:28-29). Jesus told them to be quiet and
come out of him. They had no choice and knew it. They are so used to getting their way by means of mans disobedience that they said
“before our time.” The victory is won already, the battle belongs to the Lord as he says.  Revenge is mine, says the Lord. When you try to
have revenge yourself, Satan loves it because your revenge is in the flesh. It does not even affect him, so he laughs at you and eggs you
on.  Remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.  God writes the rules and regulations of the
WWF (worldwide wrestling federation) matches in heaven and in the spiritual world. So when you try to get revenge yourself, you only help
Satan,  because his job is to kill, steal, torture, molest, sicken you by disease, stress you, heartbreak, every evil thing you can think of. The
devil roams about as a thief in the night, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).  

You have to know and respect that God says to put on your full armor and breastplate to protect you from the wiles of evil for a good
reason (Ephesians 6:11-18). The reason being, He says that it’s because He created Satan and He knows that our power without Jesus
is not a match for the wiles of the wicked. So we are to turn the fight over to the Lord. When we don’t, we take away the exceedingly great
pleasure, joy and the chance the Lord gets to drop kick, head butt, body slam and foot stomp Satan.  He gets to get back at the devil for all
that he did to Him while He was here on earth.  The angels get to participate and throw in a few kicks too, like your guardians and others
get to be the audience, gloating about. A guaranteed win wrestling match in heaven. They get to see payback for all the times that they
were defending you and had to retreat because you decided to get revenge yourself, instead of letting Jesus step in and stomp as hard as
he can his heel on Satan’s head just like the bible says (Genesis 3:15). They cannot completely intervene against your disobedience to
God’s word and you will reap what you sow from your decision. Jail, physical, mental and spiritual (bad karma / reap what you sow) harm
will come to you while Satan gloats and administers the harm with glee because of YOUR wrong decision. God see’s all and gets sad
when you give way to a simple thought process of a deceiving demon. You’re shot down in what ever fashion of harm, crying out to God
“help me Lord I’m snared!” Meanwhile, the demons are excited, running back to their boss Satan crying out “Hey bossman, oh faithful
master of darkness, we really slicked and deceived them big-time in to sin this week. A few drive-by’s, rapes, drug overdose’s, dui’s, ohh,  
ohh and our revenge-payback department along with the liquid courage staff really brought on quite a few bar brawls, wife and child
beatings.  Uhh just that right there has got to be worth a few clicks up on the A/C, sir, it's getting a little hot."  They are rewarded in hell for
your short-comings. Don’t let this be YOU!  

Yes, it’s hard not want personal revenge and yes, payback does feel good to the flesh sometimes, but you never ever get away with it even
if you think you do. No sinful act is ever unseen nor goes unpunished with God. God does not punish, but His word shall not go void. You
give way to sin. Unremorseful, the devil gets his turn one way or another at any unknown moment of your life. And if you’re a father and
husband, you are the foundation of a family. You don’t really want anything to happen to you that leaves your family struggling.  So be
patient and let heaven rejoice at kicking the devil down into the ground for messing with you.  Be obedient and pleasing to God so He can
say to Jesus after he pounds Satan’s head in the ground “Good job son, that’s the way we do it!”  Let them all in heaven get their joy. Don’t
forget, God had to watch him (Satan) try to take His glory in heaven away for himself and had to witness how His son Jesus got tortured
also. Imagine if it was your only begotten child.  They get great pleasure in getting sweet revenge for you because you are His child too!  
That’s why the Lord said “Revenge is mine, says the Lord!” When you let Jesus, his Father, the Holy Spirit and your angels get revenge,
you make them very happy and they bless you very happily by restoring to you the best according to the situation. And when you practice
this act of withholding your vengeance and let the Lord have His sweet revenge, the devil starts to think twice about messing with you!  

When you are wronged by people, try to forgive them. Throw your hands up in the air and say “Father, I can’t handle this. It’s too much for
me to bear. The victory is already won, so I leave this issue in your hands in JESUS’ NAME Amen!"
From that moment on it will be like:

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, all righteous angels. This fight is scheduled
    for twelve holy rounds.  The unlimited knockout rule applies.

    In this corner, we have, on the right side  THE INDISPUTABLE,   THE ALL BEFORE

    And in this corner we have, HEY,  where’d he go?   HEY, HEY, he’s running away!
    And God said “GET  ‘EM  SON.  Go bruise your heel on his head for messing with
    My children. Yeah son, you know how we do it!!!"

Do the right thing. Forgive, let go and let God. Revenge will be sweet in his perfect time!

Be Blessed and stay Blessed in JESUS’ MIGHTY  NAME !!!

Jesus really does love you and so do I,

Pastor DJ  Wright
Why not an eye for an eye?  Seems only fair!
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